Great Yarmouth Guide - About Us Page

Welcome to our internet site and hi all, our names are Steve and Gill Locke & we got curious about online sites around seven years ago.

We created the internet site, implementing an idea that we've been implementing for some time now, giving us an exceptional feeling of accomplishment and pride, it was a whole lot of fun to try and do, really frustrating in some instances, nevertheless in due course worthwhile.

We hope this website will not scare you off by having troublesome pop-up windows, continually trying to sell you rubbish and also have you join for a newsletter you really do not wish to receive (filling your email inbox with useless posts).

We at all times hope to provide something worthwhile on virtually every page, nevertheless we are not ashamed to admit that we do need to get a little bit of money when feasible, to continue to keep our various websites running, updated and online.

We hope that you'll have quite as much fun looking at the web site, like we just had designing it, we'll then be thankful we have carried out our goal in the right manner.

Enjoy, Gillian and Stephen - August 2012.